Third acquisition for Moving Intelligence within a year.

Moving Intelligence has joined forces with UK-based security and tracking specialist, AMI Group Ltd. The acquisition marks an important step in the Dutch brand’s UK strategy.
Third aquisition for Moving Intelligence, article, Aquisition

Founded in 2004, AMI Group Ltd. is a leading developer and supplier of advanced location and security solutions. AMI Group’s technologies secure over £350m of equipment in the UK alone, including excavators, generators, engines and vehicle fleets. The company is built on family values and has an exceptionally good customer service record, characteristics that fit Moving Intelligence well.

Patrick Horst, CEO at Moving intelligence commented on the acquisition:” We are delighted to welcome AMI Group into the Moving Intelligence family, enabling us to take the next step into the B2B market. Together we will continue to push the boundaries of our market both nationally and internationally.”

Peter Stockton, Operations Director at AMI Group added: “Moving Intelligence are the perfect fit for our business and more importantly our customers in the UK. The acquisition gives our team access to a strong and exciting portfolio of products and further strengthens our development and technical expertise. We’re heavily focused on executing a seamless transition for our customers and partners, whilst venturing on an exciting journey within a larger international organization.”

Volpi Capital is also very pleased with the progress and growth of Moving Intelligence. “With this third acquisition the number of employees has grown to over 100 people and there is also an expansion of the services they can provide. Moreover, the total combined number of assets under management grows to 115.000, compared to 55.000 at the time of initial investment by Volpi and Surmount, in less than two years. That is a unique achievement, which we are very proud of.”

Moving Intelligence and AMI Group Ltd. are looking forward to the cooperation and growth this takeover will bring about on both sides.

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