Step 1

Install trip-logging system

  • Locate the battery in your vehicle
  • Remove lid from battery if necessary
  • Identify the positive pole (red) and negative pole (black) connection on the battery
  • Make sure the battery surface is clean
  • Peel off double sided tape from device and attach it on the battery
  • Connect the red wire directly to the positive pole of the battery (lightly unscrew)
  • Connect the black wire to the negative pole of the battery (lightly unscrew)
  • Wait until device LED indicators start blinking

Step 2

Create account

  • Go to
  • Click on REGISTER and register yourself
  • In the email, click on the link “complete registration"
  • Log into the Moving Intelligence platform -
  • Enter the activation code which can be found on the installation card
  • Perform the required steps and complete your order

Step 3

Download app

Download the MiApp and log in with your account. It will show the latest locations of your tracer at any time.