In 3 steps

Easy installation

You can quickly and easily activate the tracer yourself. Follow the steps below to activate your tracer and create an online account.

Step 1

Activate tracer

  • Hold the tracer in your hand with the three arrows pointing upwards
  • Rotate the tracer so the arrows point downwards then back up. Do this five times
  • Wait 15 minutes so that the power caps can fully charge and the tracer can connect to our server

Step 2

Create account

  • Go to
  • Click on REGISTER and complete the registration process.
  • Click on the "complete registration" link in the email.
  • Now log in to the Moving Intelligence platform -
  • Enter the activation code found on the insert in the packaging of your locator or received via email.
  • Follow the subsequent steps.
  • Complete the order.
  • Your locator is now activated.

Step 3

Download app

Download the MiApp and log in with your account. This will let you see the latest locations of your tracer at any time.

What to do in case of a malfunction or theft?

What to do in case of theft of your vehicle?
Error message, malfunction, or questions? If the locator has not functioned properly for 7 days, you will automatically receive an email notification.

What to do in case of theft of your vehicle?

  • Call our 24/7 alarm center immediately at phone number +31 88 99 000 88. Please have the following information ready:
  • Description of the stolen vehicle (license plate and/or registration number)
  • Your insurer and your insurance details
  • Location and (estimated) time of the theft
  • Your personal password

Important: You must report to the police by yourself.