Vehicle Tracking System - Mi50

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Mi50 is a complete system for vehicle security, trip recording and fleet management. In short, everything you need to drive carefree and safely.

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Features of the Vehicle Tracking System - Mi50

KIWA/SCM certified (class 4/5)
Cloud based platform and MiApp
jamming detection
Connection with the Private Alarm Centre (PAC)
24/7 emergency centre
Global Coverage
Driving style analysis
CO2 Dashboard
Dimensions (mm): 82x87x34

The vehicle tracking system (Mi50) can secure, trace and live to track your vehicle but also keep track of trip records and driving style analysis. The Mi50 stands for quality, speed and convenience. The Mi50 has been included in the assortment of many car importers in the Netherlands for a reason.

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The Mi50 is in combination with our immobiliser (MiBlock Active Tag), a Kiwa SCM certified Class 4/5. Insurance and leasing companies often require this security class for vehicles above a specific catalogue value or vehicles prone to theft.

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Trip logging

The vehicle tracking system automatically records all details of every journey (business and private) for you. Users of these systems can count on 100 per cent accurate, reliable and tax-proof trip registration.

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Fleet management

Mi50 makes managing your fleet easier and allows you to use all your company cars more efficiently. All the detailed information about journeys made, drivers, driving style and sustainability is provided and recorded in one place in our cloud-based MiPlatform and MiApp.

How the Vehicle Tracking System - Mi50
works in 1 minute

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on several factors, so we cannot see in advance what exactly is required per car. 
Contact us for personal advice.

If you sell your car, you can take the subscription to a new car. You can also have the new owner cancel a subscription to continue the service.

No, this is done by the dealer or installation specialist. They guarantee the installation of the hardware because an inspector from Kiwa/SCM can do a random check.

Thieves can disrupt the security signal with a particular device. The immobiliser will notice this and go into the blocking position, making it impossible for your vehicle to start.

Yes, of course! This makes your motor home even more protected against theft. The motorhome cannot be started without the proper authorisation, so the thief cannot get it out of its place

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