Your privacy is important to us. We will only use your personal data to inform you about our products and services and to administer your account, if you havegiven us permission for this. We set great store by the protection, confidentiality and integrity of your personal data. In this Privacy Statement we explain which personal data we collect when you use our products and services, why we need this data and how we use it.

Our services

Moving Intelligence offers web and mobile applications through various products and services, such as theft detection, live tracking and route registration. This Privacy Statement applies to these products and services and the related platforms.

Which personal data is collected?

We need certain personal data to offer you the best-possible user experience and to inform you about our products and services. You provide some of these data directly, such as when you create an account or have requested a quotation. We also receive some personal data indirectly from your system(s), through interaction with our services (via cookies, among other things). Due to this, we are able to customise and improve our products and services. When you create an account with Moving Intelligence, request a quotation, place an order and/or use our services in another manner, we may process the following information:

Data that you provide

This is the data that you enter yourself when you use our websites, products and services. This information includes your name, e-mail address, the search terms you enter, your address, your phone number, etc.

  • First and last name
  • Salutation (Mr/Ms, etc)
  • Your vehicle’s licence number
  • E-mail address
  • Your mobile phone number
  • Your residential address
  • Your location information
  • IP address
  • Phone ID
  • Payment and billing information, such as bank account number
  • company name
  • Chamber of Commerce number
  • VAT number
  • Object information

Information collected through sensors

Many products are equipped with one or more sensors or use the sensors of the systems in which the products are installed. Some examples of sensors are GPS receivers and G-force sensors. When these sensors are activated, they automatically collect information. Depending on the objective for which the data is collected, the data may be sent, together with data with which you or your system may be identified, to Moving Intelligence and other parties for further use.

Meta data

This is information that is collected or automatically generated while you use Moving Intelligence’s websites, products or services. Metadata is often collected or generated when you use a computer or when you send information through a computer network, such as the internet. This information contains data that you use in the user interface and during other device activities,as well as IP addresses, unique device IDs, MAC addresses of Wi-Fi and, for example, Bluetooth devices, cookies and data from computer activities.

Third parties

We receive information from third parties that they have collected – under their responsibility and pursuant to their privacy policy – and shared with us. We use this information within the limits specified by third parties, but also within the limits of our own privacy principlesand our own privacy policy. We receive real-time feeds about location, speed, sensors and other vehicles, but also device informationregarding, for example, users of mobile phones, vehicle fleets of companies and vehicles that are equipped with online cards or traffic and travel services. We only use this information when we have ascertained that this information cannot be traced back to you.We also receive information from third parties if you have interacted with them, for example if you have visited their websites or used their mobile apps. This information can be IP addresses, unique IDs of devices, advertising IDs, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth MAC addresses, cookies and other information about computer activities, as well as indications about your behaviour, interests and demography.

Cookies and similar technology

We collect information via cookies and similar technologies (e.g. web beacons, tags and device identifiers) when you use our online/offline services. Cookies are text files that are placed on your device in order to collect and analyse standard internet log information and information about visitor behaviour. This information is used to evaluate visitor behaviour on the website and compile statistical reports about online activities. We register your interaction with our online platforms in order to improve our content and services. The use of these technologies and the collected information is described in detail in our Cookie policy. You can always manage your cookie preferences yourself in your browser settings. We can share your information with third parties. By leaving behind this information, you are giving us consent to use the above-mentioned information for marketing purposes.

With whom do we share your personal data

We share your personal data with third parties, such as our control centre, investigative authorities, technicians, suppliers (hosting providers, customer service and e-marketing), customers (e.g. business customers/employers) and other partners, depending on the products and services you use. We share your data:

  • To the extent that this is necessary to perform our business activities and render and enable our services.
  • In cases where you have granted us express consent to do this.
  • If we are lawfully requested to do this within the framework of law enforcement, for example, for investigating illegal activities.
  • In certain circumstances to enforce our agreement with you. If you have not paid for your services, for example, then we can share your information with a collection agency.
  • To enforce our rights vis-a-vis third parties or to defend ourselves against claims or allegations of third parties.
  • To guarantee the security, integrity and protection of our services.

How long will we save your personal data?

We will only save your personal data as long as they are necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or being used and/or as long as this is legally required or permitted. If you want to cancel your account, please contact our Aftersales department. After you cancel your account, we will delete your personal data without unnecessary delays, with the exception of the data that we are legally obligated to save. For example, we are legally obligated to save data such as copies of invoices for seven years.

How do we use your personal data

We use your personal data solely for the purposes for which this data has been collected and, where applicable, to comply with legal obligations. We use your personal data for the following purposes:

Execution of agreements We process your personal data in order to supply you with the products and services of your choice..

Customer service: We use your information to assist you in the use of our services. This entails the use of personal data in order to determine problems with products and services, rectify incorrect transactions and provide other customer support services, among other things.

Customer contact and communication: We use your information to communicate with you through e-mail, SMS messages, push or other electronic media about matters regarding our service provision. For example, we can send you invoices and we can communicate with you in order to confirm your account, send you reminders, resolve problems and invite you to take part in customer satisfaction surveys.

Marketing: We would like to keep you informed about our products and services via e-mail, SMS, push or other electronic media. You have the right to unsubscribe from this information provision at any time. Depending on your preferences, you can unsubscribe, change your preferences directly online or contact our Aftersales department to have them do this for you.

Safety, security and settling of disputes: We use your information to guarantee the security, integrity and protection of our products, services and customers. We process your information for detecting and preventing fraud, theft and other misuse of our services. In some circumstances, we can use your information within the framework of dispute resolution, to enforce compliance of an agreement concluded with you, to enforce our rights vis-a-vis third parties or to defend ourselves against claims or allegations of third parties.

Legal obligations: WWe can process your information in order to comply with legal obligations, such as keeping records, or to comply with legitimate requests from competent authorities (e.g. the police/courts).

Improvement and personalisation of our products and services: We use your personal data to improve our products and services. Insight into click behaviour and search results on our website can help us prioritise or identify new product functions.

Maintenance, development and incident management: If you have problems with one of our products or services, we may have to process personal data, such as your name, vehicle registration number and customer ID, to resolve the respective problems. We also process your personal data for some internal operational processes, such as when we transfer customer information to a new database.

Execution of general business processes, internal management and management reports: In order to be able to execute our business activities, we use your personal data for general business processes. We process your information for archiving purposes, insurance purposes, management reports, audits and other administrative purposes, for example.

Where is your personal data processed?

For hosting and maintenance, your personal data will be saved in the European Union. Your personal data will primarily be processed by our personnel at our headquarters in the Netherlands. Depending on your location and if applicable, certain information may be processed by local offices. We also share certain personal data with the supplier of our marketing platform, who is located in the United States. This supplier is certified under the so-called Privacy Shield program. You can contact our Aftersales department if you would like more information about this. If we forward personal data to a country outside the European Union or to an international organization, we will ensure that this data will only be sent to countries and organizations that guarantee suitable protection of your data and rights pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), or if this is otherwise permitted under the GDPR. f you would like more information about the guarantees we implement, please contact our Aftersales department.

Access to and management of your personal data

ou can directly view and edit your personal data in your personal account. How you can view or manage this personal data depends on the products and services you use. If you cannot view, correct or delete certain personal data yourself, if you would like a copy of your personal data or if you want to submit a request for limiting the processing of your personal data, you can contact our Aftersales department at We will respond within 30 days of receipt of such requests.

Legal basis for data processing

We will collect and process your personal data solely if we have a legal basis for this. The following bases apply:

  • The processing is necessary for executing your agreement.
  • The processing is necessary for safeguarding our legitimate business interests, for example: for being able to carry out our business activities; for certain forms of direct marketing and profiling; for archiving information about your account so that you can reactivate this at a later date; for detecting or preventing fraud or misuse of our services; for the security of our network and systems.
  • The processing is necessary for complying with a legal obligation, such as the obligation to save administrative information or to share certain information due to a police order for a criminal investigation.
  • If you have given us express consent to process your information, such as for sharing information with partners for commercial purposes..

If the processing is based on consent, you have the right at all times to revoke your consent. In this case, we will cancel the respective processing of your information. Revoking your consent will not change the legitimacy of the processing based on consent prior to your revocation.

Questions and complaints

If you have questions about the manner in which we use your personal data, you can contact our Aftersales department. You can contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO) at If you feel that a problem has not been adequately addressed, you also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority.

Keurmerk RitRegistratieSystemen

In order to achieve certain goals, we are committed to our Privacy Code of Conduct for the Keurmerk RitRegistratieSystemen (quality mark for route registration systems). You can download the Privacy Code of Conduct for the Keurmerk RitRegistratieSystemen (route registration systems quality mark) at the following link: Download Privacy Gedragscode.

Responsible entity

Moving Intelligence is a brand of Moving Intelligence B.V. headquartered at Hogeweg 33, Zaltbommel, 5301 LB, and registered in the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 22038837. In principle, the decisions with regard to the objectives of and the resources for the processing of personal data are made centrally by Moving Intelligence B.V., which acts as the controller for the processing of this personal data. However, there may also be cases where Moving Intelligence B.V. independently determines the respective objectives of and resources for processing and/or it does this together with Moving Intelligence B.V. Moving Intelligence B.V. is the (co-)controller of the processing.