A waterproof recovery system

Why choose the tracer?

Storing valuable items out of sight, using an immobilizer, placing your keyless entry car key in a metal box: you take all measures to prevent theft of your vehicle. But thieves are also resourceful. That's why we developed the Mi01 Tracer, a compact tracking device that reports your vehicle's location once a day. Easily switchable to once an hour in case of theft. Accurate up to the meter. This increases the chance of recovery from 45% to 94% and meets your insurer's requirements.

One minute video

The Tracer explained

Watch this video to see how our Class TV01 recovery system ensures that your vehicle, object, or equipment is quickly located and recovered after theft.

Advanced location tracking and recovery service

Track your vehicle worldwide

TThe Mi01 Tracer utilizes a precise 360° GPS antenna combined with a GSM signal to determine the location of your vehicle. This allows your vehicle to be tracked worldwide, even in areas with low GPS reception.

Our emergency center is available 24/7 to respond promptly in case of theft by increasing the frequency of location updates and engaging our skilled recovery service.

Mi01 Tracer


  • KIWA SCM/CCV Alarm Class TV
  • Expected lifespan: 5 years
  • GSM, GPS, and Lora
  • Location history and real-time location
  • Wireless and waterproof (IP67)
  • Online Platform and MiApp
  • 24/7 Emergency Center
  • After-theft recovery service
  • Dimensions: 145x35x22 mm
  • Location reporting: standard once every 24 hours, can be increased to once per hour (note: this reduces battery life)

What's the difference?

Tracer or Retreever?

Prefer no monthly fees? You can opt for the Retreever instead. This tracer operates similarly to the Peilzender, with a one-time payment giving you 3 years of access to the MiApp. However, please note that the Retreever is not Kiwa SCM/CCV certified, which may mean your insurer does not accept the system. You can have the Retreever installed by an authorized installer. Self-installation is also possible, which is cheaper but may result in lower recovery chances.