Simple, certified, and effective

This is how the immobilizer works

You will receive the MiBlock in a set that includes an immobilizer, an emergency contact with status LED, an active tag, and an emergency key. The immobilizer automatically activates a few seconds after the engine is turned off. At that point, the electrical circuit of your vehicle is interrupted in multiple places, preventing anyone from starting your vehicle without authorization. You can deactivate the immobilizer by approaching your vehicle with the Active Tag, using the physical emergency key, or using the digital emergency key via Bluetooth on your smartphone.

Perfect basic security for any motor vehicle

The Immobilizer in action

Prevent unpleasant surprises

Check the security requirements of your insurer

Insurers have requirements for your vehicle's security. The required alarm class depends on your insurer and the value of your vehicle. Our immobilizer alone is an Alarm Class 1 system. When you combine the MiBlock immobilizer with our Mi50 tracking system, your vehicle security is CCV Alarm Class 4/5 certified.

If you already have a tracking system, adding the immobilizer is straightforward through an authorized dealer.

Verify existing security measures

Approved security for imported vehicles

In an imported vehicle, there may already be an immobilizer or burglar alarm present. However, the security system on a foreign vehicle may differ from that of a Dutch vehicle. It is not guaranteed that your vehicle can be certified. Therefore, always verify if the standard security meets Kiwa SCM requirements. Sometimes, you may need an additional approved immobilizer. The immobilizer is also an effective solution against vulnerable keyless entry systems.

As part of a certified tracking system, an immobilizer can serve as certified basic security.

About the MiBlock Immobilizer


  • GSM and GPS coverage throughout Europe
  • Kiwa SCM/CCV Class 1 certified
  • Second authorization
  • Unlimited lifespan
  • Prevents unauthorized starting