Car security

In the Netherlands, car theft is becoming increasingly common. As a result, insurers are tightening their conditions. If you don't meet the specified requirements, insuring your car can become challenging. At Moving Intelligence, you can quickly find the system you need.

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Kiwa SCM/CCV Certification Mark

Approved by your insurance company

The security systems of Moving Intelligence are Kiwa SCM/CCV certified and are accepted by insurers when purchasing vehicle insurance.

300+ certified dealers

Installation in your area

All affiliated installers are equipped with the latest knowledge to provide you with the most reliable and inconspicuous installation of our hardware. Are you looking for a dealer near you? We are happy to assist you through our dealer search feature.

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Location always visible

Moving Intelligence App

Instantly access the location of your vehicle with just one press of a button, even after theft. That truly provides a sense of security, both for you and the insurance company. Available on iOS, Android, and our online platform.

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After theft

Alarm center en theft recovery service

Your vehicle has been stolen. What now? At Moving Intelligence, you are not left on your own. You call directly to our Alarm Center, which is available 24/7 throughout Europe. With our theft recovery service, we coordinate with local authorities to retrieve your stolen vehicle as quickly as possible. Don't let theft become fatal, rely on a team of experts.