Moving Intelligence towards net zero

What is Net Zero?

Net zero globally means reducing CO2 emissions to a small amount of residual emissions that can be absorbed and sustainably stored by nature and other measures. This results in zero emissions remaining in the atmosphere.

When achieving net zero, the focus is on the greenhouse gas emissions of a specific organization and the entire supply chain it is part of. This encompasses three categories:

  • Emissions from the organization’s own activities
  • Emissions from the production of electricity used by the organization
  • Emissions from the entire supply chain, from suppliers and partners to customers

    To achieve a net zero result, actions must be taken in all these categories—through avoidance, reduction, and/or offsetting.


How we reduce our CO2 emissions

What does Moving Intelligence do to reduce emissions? CEO Patrick Horst explains: "For years, we have been focused on lowering our CO2 emissions. We are working on making our fleet more sustainable, improving our packaging, and reducing our promotional materials. While our offices are spread across Europe, we are committed to minimizing car and air travel as much as possible."

Ecommit’s sustainability projects

Compensating unavoidable CO2 emissions

Despite all those efforts, there always remains CO2 emissions that cannot be avoided. We compensate for those emissions together with ecommit through sustainability projects that remove CO2 from the air. The reliable and verified CO2 certificates from these projects are then available to companies, such as Moving Intelligence. Thanks to ecommit, we compensate 67,653 kg of CO2.

Moving Intelligence at ecommit

Reforestation to remove CO2 from the Aair

Which projects do we support?

The project of Mangalam Timber Products Limited (MTPL) is located in eastern India, spanning across the states of Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh. The project started on a small piece of land and has now expanded to over 14,000 hectares. Reforestation is utilized to remove CO2 from the air.

Naturevest is a 187-hectare project in Croatia aimed at CO2 compensation through the Anna Paulowna tree (Paulownia). This tree absorbs a significant amount of CO2, and its wood is used for doors, window frames, and furniture.

CO2 reporting for insight into CO2 emissions

Moving Intelligence helps you with Sustainability

With Moving Intelligence's CO2 dashboard and vehicle tracking system, you gain insight into the consumption and (calculated) emissions of your organization, both overall and per trip and employee. With comprehensive and automatic trip registration, you quickly obtain reliable data on CO2 emissions. This essential data is crucial if you aim to reduce emissions and comply with the reporting requirements for work-related personnel mobility.

Learn more about our CO2 dashboard (NL)