EV charging en milage for lease

Efficient contract management

Current mileage, including for EVs

Our reports provide you with up-to-date mileage information for your vehicles, including your electric fleet. This makes contract management simple and accurate. No more requesting mileage from your customers. Based on the provided mileage data, you can timely address deviations from your contract terms (more or fewer miles driven than agreed with the contractor).

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Predictable maintenance

Predictable maintenance

Reduce costs for repair, maintenance and tires

With the maintenance data from the vehicles in your lease fleet, you can manage service intervals, wear and tear, and faults. This helps you avoid unnecessary maintenance costs and allows you to proactively direct maintenance within your network. Additionally, you prevent problems with warranties and claims.

Insights in charging sessions

Insight into charging sessions

Residual value optimalization for EVs

The residual value of your EV lease fleet heavily depends on the battery's state of health (SoH). Using vehicle data, you can assist fleet managers in promoting healthy charging behaviour and finding the ideal charging mix. Healthy charging practices directly impact the SoH, which is directly related to the residual value at the end of the lease contract.

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Stream the OEM data you need

Flexible and Scalable

Stream only the data you need

Thanks to the flexibility of OEM connectivity, you can scale up and down unlimitedly on a monthly basis. Easily activate your vehicles remotely and pay only for what you actually need. Curious which vehicles in your lease fleet are compatible? Perform the free and non-binding compatibility check now!

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OEM car data for legislation and cost savings

Insights based on vehicle data for your customers

Respond to legislation and achieve cost savings

Your customers must comply with increasing regulations, such as the CO2 reporting obligation and maintaining accurate trip records. Moreover, reducing mobility costs is a priority for many organisations. With clear dashboards, your customers gain valuable insights into fuel consumption and maintenance. You help your customers avoid unpredictable costs and downtime.

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