Security, track and trace for rental

Real-time location, geofencing, and trip history

Security, track & trace

Theft, fraud, and embezzlement of vehicles are unfortunately becoming more common in rental companies. See in real-time where all your vehicles are, which routes they have taken, and receive geofence alerts when they cross a border. Prevent your vehicles from entering countries where your insurance coverage does not apply. With our solutions, you can minimize the risk of losing your vehicles.

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Control over rental vehicles

Management of incidents

Prevent financial consequences

For longer rentals, we understand that you may lose sight of your vehicle. With OEM vehicle data, you have control at your fingertips over faults, defects, maintenance needs, tire pressure, and fluids such as Adblue, oil, and windshield washer fluid.

Overview of rental fleet

Overview of your rental fleet

Optimize and streamline vehicle deployment

Are you a rental company with multiple locations? With OEM solutions, know precisely and in real-time where your vehicles are located, and intelligently align operational processes accordingly. This ensures your vehicles are maximally utilized in rentals.

Data for accurate billing and fraud detection

Accurate mileage readings

Accurate billing and fraud detection

When a renter exceeds the agreed-upon mileage, you can intervene promptly with real-time mileage readings. This ensures no surprises or challenging collection processes later on, allowing you to adjust the short-term lease contract in a timely manner. Combat fraud in cases where customers use odometer blockers to display incorrect mileage compared to what you see on the OEM platform. By using actual mileage driven, you can also stay proactive with maintenance and checks.

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Digital returning rental car

Digitalization of the return process

Remote verification of whether the vehicle has been properly refueled and the mileage at return. No need for physical inspection; this saves the customer from unnecessary waiting and allows for more opportunities for personalized interaction.