Safe, sustainable, and tax-efficient

The additional benefits of the Mi50 vehicle tracking system

With our certified vehicle tracking system, you not only secure your vehicles efficiently against theft, but also gain a comprehensive solution that helps you maintain accurate mileage records and easily manage sustainability and fuel savings initiatives.

KIWA/SCM-approved vehicle tracking systems

Difference between Class 4 and Class 5

BIn an SCM Class 4 installation, your car is equipped with a KIWA/SCM-approved vehicle tracking system and connected to the alarm center. In the case of SCM Class 5, this vehicle tracking system is also linked to the existing burglar alarm in your vehicle. You will receive an alarm notification via the control room or your MiApp whenever your alarm is triggered.

LET OP: After the vehicle alarm goes off, SCM Class 5 will block your vehicle using the immobilizer of your vehicle tracking system. To lift the block, use your app or the emergency procedure of the immobilizer.

Coverage everywhere


Since late 2022, we have been delivering vehicle tracking and recovery systems that connect to both the 2G and 4G/LTE networks. Using intelligent techniques, the modem in the hardware ensures the best network connection and switches seamlessly when necessary. You stay connected, even in countries where the 2G network has been phased out, such as Switzerland.

Keurmerk Ritregistratiesystemen Moving Intelligence

Avoid fines and additional tax liabilities

RRS certificate

De Stichting Keurmerk Ritregistratiesystemen is an independent entity that objectively assesses the quality of mileage registration systems. The certification (RRS) means that you:

  • Meet the requirements of the Tax Authorities
  • Comply with the strictest rules regarding privacy and fraud resistance
  • Avoid fines and additional tax liabilities

Our Mi50 Vehicle Tracking System is installed by an authorized dealer near you.

About Mi50


  • Tamper-proof
  • Mileage administration compliant with Tax Authorities
  • 24/7 Live tracking
  • Kilometer registration + export
  • Odometer reading via GPS
  • Geofence & Lock Position
  • Bluetooth-connectable