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As a business owner, you meticulously record private kilometers for the Tax Authority. Our tax-compliant systems not only provide trip registration but also offer valuable insights for a more efficient and smarter business operation. Explore the modules within our packages and complete your trip registration system.

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Discover all our convenient features to make your business operations smarter. Reading your tachograph data without manual actions? Analyzing the driving behavior of your drivers to work more sustainably and efficiently? Monitoring the temperature of your refrigerated transport? You are always in control. Ask for our different trip logging modules.

Fully automatic and with our app

How does automatic trip registration work?

Our trip logging system consists of a unique combination of hardware and software. The hardware in your vehicle records all trips. With the push of a button, you can convert this trip data into reports in the MiApp Fleet app. This way, you know exactly when and how many kilometers you have driven.

The trip registration system operates using GPS. The signals accurately determine the routes traveled because the trip registration system always connects with at least 3 satellites to determine your current location. With our vehicle tracking system, you also know precisely where your vehicles are.

Facing an audit from the Tax Authority? Log in to the platform and quickly and easily download any desired overview in Excel or PDF format.

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We collaborate with an extensive network of over 300 certified dealers in The Netherlands. This ensures that you always have expertly and safely installed hardware. There is always a dealer available in your vicinity.