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A Class TV is an after-theft retrieval system (Tracer) which can determine the position of your vehicle completely autonomously, on an internal battery.

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A Kiwa SCM approved Class TV recovery system is a post-theft system that ensures that a vehicle, in accordance with the standard, must be found in the Netherlands within 24 hours.

The Sensor Transmitter (Mi01) is an SCM/CCV certified Class TV retrieval system. The system is compact in size  that after activation via the corresponding MiApp displays its location once a day. After theft, this frequency is increased and the Tracking Transmitter can be tracked down to the meter.

Frequently Asked Questions
Which classes of vehicle security are there?

The CCV vehicle security certification has divided the vehicle security in the Netherlands into five classes. The security class required by the insurer can be found in the policy conditions. The five classes are:

  • Class 1 - Immobilizer
  • Class 3 - Car alarm with tilt angle detection
  • Class 4 - Vehicle tracking system with immobilizer
  • Class 5 – Vehicle Tracking System with Immobilizer and Class 3 interoperability
  • Class TV - Retrieval system
What is the difference between a track and trace system and an after theft retrieval system?

With a vehicle tracking system you can follow your vehicle live 24/7. The car will be equipped with an additional immobilizer and you can receive motion notifications as soon as the car starts moving.

An after theft retrieval system displays its location once a day. In the event of theft, this frequency will be increased, and the transmitter can be tracked down to the nearest metre. 

Do I get a certificate with it?

If your installation needs to meet the conditions for a KIWA/SCM Certificate, please consult your dealer or installer. After activation of your security subscription (MiBlack(-R)) this certificate will be made available to you.

Is there a subscription involved?

Yes, a subscription is required for all our systems. For Class TV you need the security subscription with control room (MiWhite).

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