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An immobilizer is a class 1 alarm. An immobilizer on a car provides extra safety. The car cannot be started without a key and cannot be taken along. 

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The MiBlock Immobilizer of Moving Intelligence ensures that your vehicle cannot be started unintentionally. If you choose to use the immobilizer in combination with the Mi50 vehicle tracking system, in case of jamming detection the MiBlock will be activated automatically. After jamming detection is active you need to start your vehicle with a key.

Frequently Asked Questions
Which classes of vehicle security are there?

The CCV vehicle security certification has divided the vehicle security in the Netherlands into five classes. The security class required by the insurer can be found in the policy conditions. The five classes are:

  • Class 1 – Immobilizer
  • Class 3 – car alarm with tilt detection
  • Class 4 - Vehicle tracking system with immobilizer
  • Class 5 – Vehicle Tracking System with Immobilizer and Class 3 interoperability
  • Class TV - Retrieval system
What kind of vehicle security requirements does the insurer set?

This depends on several factors, so we cannot see in advance what exactly is required per car. 
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How does the Immobiliser work?

In the MiApp it is possible to download the user manual of your Moving Intelligence immobiliser. This is a security product which means that we do not make too much information freely accessible in public.  

Step 1: In the MiApp, choose the SUPPORT menu option.
Step 2: Then download the user manual of our immobilizer here: the MiBlock Active Tag.

Is there a subscription involved?

Our immobilizer can be built in stand-alone and there is no monthly subscription involved.

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