Electric Vehicle Fleet obligatory in 2030

It is hard to ignore, the environment including its climate goals, is more important than ever. Did you know your fleet, no matter how big or small, needs to be fully electric in 2030?

In 2027, the very first commercial vehicles with a combustion engine will no longer be welcome. Initially, it will probably concern lighter commercial vehicles up to 3,500 kilos, later on it will also be mandatory for other commercial vehicles. In 2030 there will only be electric commercial vehicles.

Therefore, it is important to look ahead and make an estimate of the possibilities and possible costs for your fleet. Not only thinking about purchasing a new fleet, but also about trip registration and security.

Security and triplogging

Did you know that not all triplogging systems are suitable for electric vehicles? Because of that, you may be forced to switch to a new and unfamiliar system, without having the time to learn how to use the system. As a result, you may register your journeys too late or, with a combined security and triplogging system, your entire new fleet may be driving around without any security.

Fortunately, the security and triplogging systems of Moving Intelligence can be used in any type of car, regardless of the brand and engine type. This means that the systems can also be transferred from your old vehicle to your new vehicle.

This way you keep the system that you are already used to including all associated data, without the costs for the purchase of a completely new system.

EasyInstall Systems

The security systems below are extra easy to install and do not require any adjustments to the wiring of your vehicle. This is extra useful in case you have or when you are about to purchase an electric vehicle.

Recovery system - Mi01 Tracer

Our Mi01 is a Kiwa SCM/CCV-approved Class TV tracing system. This wireless after-theft tracing system ensures that your belongings can be traced.

Rittenregistratiesysteem – Mi100

With our trip logging system, the Mi100 , you no longer have to worry about keeping track of your trip administration manually. The system automatically keeps track of all your kilometres driven in real-time.

All-in-one System

Do you prefer an all-in-one solution for vehicle security, triplogging, fleetmanagement and an CO2 Dashboard for registering your environmental tax? Thanks to extensive research, we have ensured that this system can also be installed in any (electric) vehicle.

Vehicle Tracking System - Mi50

A complete systemMi50for vehicle security, trip recording and fleet management. Mi50 In short, everything you need to drive carefree and safely.

Mogelijkheden voor uw situatie

Do you have any questions or would you like to have insight into the best options in your (future) situation? Please feel free to contact our sales team at sales@movingintelligence.nl

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