Vehicle security

You are looking for the best security for your vehicles. As a market leader in vehicle tracking systems, we believe it is important that you choose the right security system. Keep reading to discover the possibilities. 

Our security systems consist of a vehicle tracking system (Mi50), an immobilizer (MiBlock Active Tag), and tracers (Mi01 and Mi04). Insurers may require a combination of these systems in their policy terms and conditions.  

With Mi50, you can secure, track and follow your vehicle live. Together with the MiBlock Active Tag, you prevent your vehicle from being started unauthorised. To make it really difficult for thieves, you can also add the Peilzender. This is a wireless after-theft tracking system with European coverage. 

What do you want to Secure?


Discover our vehicle tracking systems, immobilisers and tracking transmitters. Click through and find out the best security solution for you.

Company Vehicle

Secure your commercial vehicle and take extra measures. Prevent your van and valuables from being stolen. Read more.


Your motor home is a valuable asset, so it is wise to secure it properly. Read more.

Classic Car

Many classic cars do not have modern security systems. Choose the right protection for your precious classic car.


More motorbikes are stolen every year. Read more.


Trailers are easy to steal. It is therefore recommended to install an after-theft recovery system in your trailer. Read more.


Whether it's a boat, watercraft or outboard motor, secure your vessels against theft. Read more.

Work equipment

Prevent your excavator, forklift, or aerial work platform from being stolen and halting your projects.

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