Immobiliser - MiBlock

The MiBlock Active Tag is the ideal security system for your vehicle to prevent theft or unwanted use. When your vehicle is equipped with the MiBlock Active Tag, you will prevent it from being started unintentionally.

Startonderbreker MiBlock

Features of MiBlock Active Tag

Works in combination with the Mi50 as Kiwa SCM/CCV Class 4/5
Controllable via App
Unlimited service life
Cellular jamming detection
Prevents unintended starting

The MiBlock Active Tag is delivered in a set consisting of an immobiliser, emergency contact with status LED, Active Tag and emergency key. After the engine has been switched off, the immobiliser is automatically activated after a few seconds for safety reasons. The electrical circuit of the vehicle is then interrupted in several places. As a result, the vehicle cannot be started. The immobiliser is released when the Active Tag is near the vehicle, or the Emergency Key is used.

How the MiBlock -
Active Tag
works in 1 minute

Frequently Asked Questions

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This depends on several factors, so we cannot see exactly what is required per car in advance. Contact us for tailor-made advice.

No, this is done by the dealer or installation specialist. They guarantee the installation of the hardware because an inspector from Kiwa/SCM can do a random check.

Thieves can disrupt the security signal with a particular device. The immobiliser will notice this and go into the blocking position, making it impossible for your vehicle to start.

Yes, of course! This makes your motor home even more protected against theft. The motorhome cannot be started without the proper authorisation, so the thief cannot get it out of its place

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