Class 4

Class 4 is a security system with which your car can be tracked, traced and blocked after theft. 

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A Class 4 vehicle tracking system gives you 24/7 insight into the location and status of your vehicle. The system detects sabotage, movement without motor contact (towing) and can send real-time reports to the linked Private Alarm Center.

In addition, an immobilizer/ blocking system is part of a Class 4 vehicle tracking system, which means that movement of the vehicle can be prevented.

Frequently Asked Questions
Which classes of vehicle security are there?

The CCV vehicle security certification has divided the vehicle security in the Netherlands into five classes. The security class required by the insurer can be found in the policy conditions. The five classes are:

  • Class 1 - Immobilizer
  • Class 3 - Car alarm with tilt angle detection
  • Class 4 - Vehicle tracking system with immobilizer
  • Class 5 – Vehicle Tracking System with Immobilizer and Class 3 interoperability
  • Class TV - Retrieval system
What is the difference between a Class 4 and Class 5?

With a Class 4 installation, your car is equipped with a KIWA/SCM approved vehicle tracking system and linked to the alarm center. In the case of Class 5, this vehicle tracking system is also linked to the burglar alarm already present in your vehicle. In that case, you will also receive an alarm notification via the control room or your MiApp as soon as your alarm has gone off.

PLEASE NOTE: After the burglar alarm has gone off, in Class 5 your vehicle will be blocked by the immobilizer of your vehicle tracking system. To remove the blockage, use your App or emergency procedure for the immobilizer.

Do I get a certificate with it?

If your installation needs to meet the conditions for a KIWA/SCM Certificate, please consult your dealer or installer. After activation of your security subscription (MiBlack(-R)) this certificate will be made available to you.

Is there a subscription involved?

Yes, a subscription is required for all our systems. For Class 4, it concerns a security subscription with control room (MiBlack), which can optionally be expanded with journey registration (MiBlack-R). 

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