Class 3

A Class 3 alarm detects unauthorized access and/or use of your vehicle, but also detects unauthorized towing or lifting of your vehicle (inclination angle detection).

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A class 3 alarm ensures that if something changes on or in the car (movement, burglary, charge), detectors give an electrical signal. This could include siren and flashing lights and the starter motor interrupting.

A SCM class 3 alarm consists of an approved immobilizer, a triple detection and an alarm.

The alarm system is not linked to the alarm center and does not switch off automatically when you unlock the car. You still have to switch off the alarm system in your vehicle yourself. Automatic activation of the alarm system is permitted.

Frequently Asked Questions
Which classes of vehicle security are there?

The CCV vehicle security certification has divided the vehicle security in the Netherlands into five classes. The security class required by the insurer can be found in the policy conditions. The five classes are:

  • Class 1 – Immobilizer
  • Class 3 – car alarm with tilt detection
  • Class 4 - Vehicle tracking system with immobilizer
  • Class 5 – Vehicle Tracking System with Immobilizer and Class 3 interoperability
  • Class TV - Retrieval system
What is triple detection?

Perimeter detection, interior detection and angle of inclination detection.

What kind of vehicle security requirements does the insurer set?

This depends on several factors, so we cannot see in advance what exactly is required per car. 
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