Driving style analysis

Get the most out of your fleet management system with the included driving style analysis tool. By critically examining how your vehicles are driven, you can save a lot of money on fuel as well as maintenance.
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The fleet management system (Mi50) tracks the driving behavior of your fleet using a motion sensor (accelerometer). The motion sensor is integrated into the system itself, which has several advantages. It allows for measuring the data using proprietary techniques, ensuring consistent results. Additionally, it can be measured for any type of vehicle, whether it's a small or large car, a vehicle with a light or heavy engine, or a van and a truck. It is available for every vehicle type.

The motion sensor collects data from your vehicles during the trips, which results in two scores: the safety score and the energy score. With these scores, you get an instant analysis of the driver's driving style.

Safety Score

The safety score is calculated by collecting all the data accumulated by the Mi50 during the trips. This data is then converted into a score ranging from 0 to 100 using a formula. A score of 0 indicates reckless driving behavior, while a score of 100 indicates perfect driving behavior. The safety score is primarily influenced by aggressive acceleration and harsh braking. Additionally, taking corners at high speeds can lower the score.

The scores of your fleet and individual vehicles can be found in the reports generated in the Moving Intelligence platform. These reports also include scatter plot graphs and score distribution graphs. This allows you to visually see how the vehicles are performing individually or as a fleet.

Energy score

The energy score is mainly influenced by lateral G-forces (taking corners quickly), rapid braking, and aggressive acceleration. Similar to the safety score, you can generate individual reports to see how well each driver performs compared to the company average. You can also generate a report for your entire fleet at once.

Our reports meet all the requirements set by the Dutch Tax Authorities. If we have sparked your interest and you would like to know what we can do for your fleet, please contact our sales team at +31 88 99 00 000 or send an email to sales@movingintelligence.com.

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