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Our Mi01 is a Kiwa SCM/CCV-approved Class TV tracing system. This wireless after-theft tracing system ensures that your belongings can be traced.

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Features of the Tracer - Mi01

KIWA/SCM certified (class TV)
Internal battery (expected lifespan is 5 years)
Waterproof (IP67)
European GSM and GPS coverage
Cloud based platform and MiApp
24/7 alarm centre
Dimensions (mm): 145x35x22
Including Recovery

Many consumers and companies choose to provide their valuable and precious belongings with a security system. The Mi01 is an after theft retrieval system that, after activation via the accompanying MiApp, displays its location once a day. After a theft, this frequency will be increased, and the transmitter can be tracked down to the nearest metre.

How the Tracer works - Mi01
in 1 minute

Frequently Asked Questions

When there has been a theft, you should immediately contact the Moving Intelligence alarm centre. Via 020 - 569311. Do not forget to notify the police as well as your insurance company.

You can find the latest location in the MiApp or in the online environment via the computer or laptop. Click on “Live” in the menu. Below the button “HISTORY”, you can find the location's history. Here you can request a date in the past to show the area. Via the MiApp, you can request location history up to 7 days in the past.

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