What is covered by private kilometers according to the tax authorities?

A final journey registration is of great importance to avoid fines from the tax authorities. In addition, it is important for employers that journeys driven are properly recorded for their administration. But what about private and business trips? 
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Business kilometers 

According to ikgastarten.nl business kilometers are: 'kilometers that you drive in the car for your company or employer'. However, it is a bit more complex. Because what if, for example, you eat your lunch at home and then drive back to the office? Or if you have forgotten something and therefore drive back and forth quickly? These kinds of kilometers fall under commuting and are therefore business trips. Please note: commuting is almost always the same route from home to office and therefore does not deviate. So driving back and forth is no problem.

Private kilometers 

Very simple: these are kilometers that are not driven for work. In consultation with your employer, you can drive anywhere privately. Some employers don't even mind if you take the car with you on holiday. Don't want to add up? Then you are not allowed to drive more than 500 km privately per calendar year. So consider well in advance whether you will be driving more than 500 km per year privately or whether you can stay within it. 

Easily keep track of your journey registration 

Managing all these trips can be a time consuming task. As an employer, it is not wise to ask employees to keep track of it manually. This can lead to errors or fraud. Result: fines from the tax authorities for the employer that can amount to € 5.278. Money that you can put to better use for growing your business.  

Bij Moving Intelligence hebben we slimme diensten ontwikkeld die het registreren vereenvoudigen. Met het rittenregistratiesysteem (Mi100) of het voertuigvolgsysteem (Mi50) heeft u real time inzicht in alle gereden ritten van werknemers. Dit alles conform de eisen van de Belastingdienst. Hiermee kunt u rekenen op een veilige omgang van privacy en fraudegevoelige data. 

As you have read in this article, the services of Moving Intelligence offer several advantages. Do you want more information? 088-9900000 (option 2) or mail sales@movingintelligence.com. Our colleagues from our sales department will contact you as soon as possible.

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