Trip Logging system - Mi40

With the Mi40, documenting your mileage is a thing of the past. After installation of the built-in specialist, all your mileage is automatically tracked in real time.

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Features of the RitRegistratiesysteem - Mi40

Certification RitRegistratie Systemen
Tamper-proof thanks to professional installation
Tax-proof trip registration
Motion sensor / Active notification
Geofence and Lock position
Back up battery
Trip classification
Global Coverage
Speed reports
Dimensions (mm): 82x87x34
Live tracking

The Mi40 Trip Logging System is professionally installed by your dealer. After activation, all information about each (driven) trip is available online and via the app in real time. The certification guarantees the accuracy of your automatic trip records for the tax authorities. Due to the certification, the privacy code of conduct applies so that your data is processed correctly. 

How does it work? Trip Logging System - Mi40
in 1 minute

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want a trip registration system without all the extra features of the Mi50, then the Mi40 is perfect for you. The Mi40 is also a very trusted and popular system due to the RittenRegistratieSysteem seal of approval (RRS Seal of Approval).

With trip recording, it is possible to view and classify all driven trips.

In case of an audit of your trip registration by the tax authorities, follow the steps described in the letter "private use business vehicle" You can download the saved trip registration in a report via the Reports function in the MI platform. You download the report "trip registration fiscal" or generate an Audit File tax service. This makes the trip registration available in a file that the tax authorities can audit automatically.

We adhere to the strictest regulations regarding data protection and fraud prevention. If our trip recording systems have a hallmark, they meet the requirements of the tax authorities. So, when you buy a certified system, you can be sure you have a reliable one.

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