Porsche Track & Trace system

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Vehicle Tracking System Class 5

Security with alarm central, Trip registration MiCarbon-R

The Mi50 is a vehicle tracking system and, in combination with the MiBlock Active Tag, a Dutch SCM certified Class 5. This security class is often required by insurance and lease companies for vehicles above a certain catalog value or for vehicles that are prone to theft.

With the Mi50 and MiBlock Active Tag you meet all official requirements, automatic notifications when the vehicle/object is moved without the ignition on and automatic blocking in case of jamming detection. In addition, linking with the PAC (Private Alarm Central) is part of our service.

Only after activation of the MiCarbon(-R) service the Kiwa SCM certificate can be requested and your Porsche meets the insurance requirements


Trip registration

Security with alarm central + Trip registration MiCarbon-R

We offer the MiCarbon-R package for customers who want to classify their trips as business or private. All details of every trip, both business and private, are automatically registered. Users of this package can count on a 100% conclusive, reliable and tax-proof trip registration.


The Trip Registration System certification guarantees the correctness of the journey administration for the Tax Authorities and we ensure a safe environment for privacy and fraud-sensitive data. With the push of a button, all relevant data for the tax authorities can be seen and downloaded on the Moving Intelligence platform.


Classic cars or additional security

The tracker (Mi01) ensures that the Porsche can be found anywhere in the world within 24 hours, in accordance with the Kiwa SCM standard. Suitable as additional security in addition to the vehicle tracking system or as security for classic Porsches. 

The tracker is an after-theft recovery system that ensures that the Porsche can be found after theft. The track & trace system has worldwide GPS and GSM coverage, is linked to an alarm center, is fully autonomous, has an internal battery that lasts for 5 years and positions are visible via an app.

It takes no effort at all to install, the trick is to hide it as well as possible so that thieves cannot find it. Also suitable for a motorcycle, camper or boat.

Dealer specific documents | DealerXtranet

For all dealer-specific documents, we refer to DealerXtranet from Porsche. Here you will find, among other things, the installation manuals for each Porsche model, how you can test the system after installation and the article numbers of the products.


With our free Moving Intelligence MiApp you have an eye on your Porsche, always and everywhere.

In addition, the app has various options, such as setting and canceling the immobilizer. For example, when you park in a place that you do not fully trust.


Porsche subscriptions

MiCarbon (Beveiliging met meldkamer)
  • Miapp
  • Diefstalopsoring + G4s
  • Tamper-evident
  • jamming detection
  • Startonderbreker
  • Melden inbraakalarm
MiCarbon-R (MiCarbon + Ritregistratie)
  • Miapp
  • Diefstalopsoring + G4s
  • Tamper-evident
  • jamming detection
  • Startonderbreker
  • Melden inbraakalarm
  • Rittenadministratie Incl. Keurmerk RRS
  • Trip classification

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