Easily keep your trip administration up-to-date

With trip registration within the Moving Intelligence platform you can easily keep track of your business and/or private kilometers for additions and expense reports. Automating this process saves you a lot of time and money. In addition, you immediately have the most accurate and up-to-date data available for every trip you make. We are happy to explain in more detail what you should pay attention to.

If you do not pay an addition, you must be able to demonstrate at the end of each year that you have driven no more than 500 kilometers privately. Otherwise you will still receive a substantial additional assessment and of course no one wants that.

But even if you do pay the addition, you still want to be able to demonstrate how many private kilometers you have driven. Or maybe you have to pass on your business kilometers to a customer, or be able to show how often or how long you have been somewhere. All reasons to take classifying your rides seriously.

Classifying your trips as private or business

The tax authorities actually have two different classifications for your trips, private and business. Commuting to work is seen as business. It is very easy to keep track of your classifications via the MiApp. Immediately after each ride, you can view and manage your ride via history. You can classify each ride directly, or change the classification. You can also enter any deviating kilometers, for example if you had to make a detour during your usual trip to work due to roadworks or if you dropped off your child at school during that trip.

In the MiApp you also have the option to create a standard setting for the classification of all your trips. If you go to object management in the menu and select the registration number of your car, you will see a number of data about your car. At the trip classification you will see that the default classification is enabled. For example, if you mainly drive business trips with your car, it is advisable to keep the standard classification at business. If you do drive a private ride, you can easily adjust it for that one ride.

Validate mileage

And while you are at object management, enter your current mileage at the same time. The built-in trip registration system naturally keeps track of the mileage for you, but there may be a deviation in the mileage displayed in the MiApp and the mileage on the counter of your car. This has to do with the fact that our trip registration system uses GPS to measure the kilometers driven and a car does this via the number of wheel revolutions. The tax authorities allow a deviation of up to 3%. If you get used to synchronising your mileage in the MiApp with your odometer once every quarter, but better yet once a month, you will never get into trouble.

You see, the MiApp offers you more than you may have known. Not using the MiApp yet? Then download it directly via the Google PlayStore or the AppStore!

You can find the manual of the MiApp here. If you have any questions after reading this, please feel free to contact the specialists of our Aftersales department via aftersales@movingintelligence.nl.

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