In recent years, there has been an increase in thefts of trailers and caravans. Only 25% of the stolen trailers were recovered. Therefore, choose a suitable trailer security system.

Benefits of Trailer security

Border crossing notification
GPS tracker
Every 5 minutes your location
Visible in MiApp
Geofence + Lock position

The Trailer Security System (Mi13) is a unique, patented and watertight GPS tracker that can be placed in or behind the rear light. The built-in 'supercaps' store the released current from the brake and driving lights immediately when these are activated. When the lights are activated, the Mi13 gives a live position to the Moving Intelligence platform every 5 minutes.


Another security option is the Mi01. Installing our certified retrieval system considerably increases the chance of retrieving a trailer after a theft.

The Security systems

Do you also want to protect your company vehicle or work equipment better against theft?

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