Buying a motor home is a considerable investment, and criminals are increasingly targeting them. So make sure you have good security.

Benefits of Camperbeveiliging

Panic help
Live tracking
Report burglary alarm
Geographic + Lock position
Theft Detection + G4S

Your motor home is a proud possession and insurance companies will, depending on its value, demand security. This can be done by means of a tracking system (Mi50), immobiliser (MiBlock Active Tag) or a Tracer (Mi01). 

With the tracking system (Mi50) you can secure, track and live follow your motorhome. You will have insight into the exact location of your motor home 24/7. Together with the MiBlock Active Tag, you prevent your vehicle from being started unintentionally. 

The wireless Tracer (Mi01) transmits its location daily via our platform, even if your motorhome is without power in a garage. If your motorhome is stolen, our recovery team will do everything in its ability to retrieve it.

The Security systems

Uw auto, trailer of motor protect your car, company vehicle or work equipment better against theft

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