With the Moving Intelligence app you have full control over all your means of transport and mobile objects. Discover all features.

If your car, boat, motorcycle or other means of transport is equipped with a Moving Intelligence system, you can keep control over your trip logging, follow all your objects real time or operate your immobilizer. Always and anywhere. Functionalities are depending on type of hardware.

– Realtime information about the location and speed of your means of transport, always and anywhere
– Last driven route always visible

Track and Trace (Class 4/5):
– Operate the immobilizer, release, block or set by schedule
– Set a blockage, for blocking alarms temporarily

Trip logging/fleet management:
– See every driven route, manage and classify route
– Keep up and correct odometer reading
– Add a description to your routes
– Manage or change drivers

For our dealers:
– Testing of new installations, always and anywhere
– Re-inspect systems 7 days a week
– Extend existing systems with new accessories or register removal of a system

How it works MiApp
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miapp historie

Feature: History

Our tracking systems (Mi3, Mi100, Mi120 and Mi50) record your kilometres driven automatically and in real time. The MiApp enables management of these kilometres. After switching off the engine ignition, you can simply classify them using the app.

  • Shows your driven routes in one overview
  • Date + start time and end time of the trip
  • Starting address and final address of the trip

Feature: Trip logging

This function allows you to quickly and easily look at your trip administration

  • Display the trip on the map
  • Assign classification per trip (private/business/unknown/commuting)
  • Edit the description of the trip


Feature: Live tracking

All vehicles are displayed here live. If a vehicle is stationary, the last location is displayed. Click on a vehicle to display the last route, exact location, speed, etc. You can also see the various other products such as the transmitters and the set POI's (points of interest).

  • Exact location of vehicles in one overview
  • Speed tracking
  • If a vehicle is stationary, its last location is displayed
miapp historie

Feature: alarm blocking

Only applicable with a MiBlack(-R) or Carbon(-R) subscription.

This function allows you to temporarily switch off the alarm messages that the Mi50 sends to the alarm center. This function is convenient when you take your vehicle to a garage for maintenance, for example.

  • Easily set up alarm blocking
  • Prevention of unnecessary phone calls to the alarm center
  • Self-deactivation, from 4 hours to max. 3 days

Extra features

Security (SCM certification) 

This security requirement ensures that a vehicle must be fitted with our MiBlock Active Tag immobilizer with jamming detection. We have included a number of useful features for this in the app:

  • Alarm deactivation – for when you want to temporarily deactivate the alarm warning feature (which warns our alarm center in the event of unauthorised use).
  • Option to have the vehicle ask for a key fob (once) for the immobilizer.
  • The app also has a calendar feature which you can use to specify times during which the keyfob is required (e.g. every day between 11PM and 7AM).



  •  Remotely activate/deactivate various functions, for example such as your boat’s block heater.


The Moving Intelligence app is available for every Moving Intelligence user. Depending on the installed hardware and activated service functionality of the app may vary.

The app is available in Dutch and English.

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