Trip Logging System - Mi120

RitRegistratie -
systeem -

You are assured of a fully automatic trip logging system with the Mi120. This trip logging system gives you all the details of every journey you make, both private and business.

Ritregistratie systeem Moving Intelligence

Features of the RitRegistratiesysteem - Mi120

Tax-proof trip registration
Live tracking
Geofence and Lock position
Speed reports
Tamper-proof thanks to professional installation
Trip classification
Back up battery
Motion sensor / active notification
Dimension (mm) 65x57x19
Coverage across Europe

After installation and activation by your dealer, all your kilometres are automatically recorded in real-time by all the requirements of the tax authorities. With Mi120, you can do much more than keep track of your mileage. You also can set various notifications such as MOT or maintenance, speeding and low battery.

How the Trip logging
System - Mi120

works in 1 minute

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to be sure of a sound installation, have the Mi120 installed by a specialist. The specialist will install the system out of sight, making it resistant to vandalism. Because the contact voltage on the wire is measured, you get an accurate reading suitable for your trip administration.

With trip recording, it is possible to view and classify all driven trips.

Bij een controle van uw rittenregistratie door de belastingdienst volgt u de stappen zoals deze staan beschreven in de brief “privegebruik zakelijk voertuig” U kunt de opgeslagen rittenregistratie in een rapportage downloaden via de functie Rapportages in het MI platform. U download het rapport “rittenregistratie fiscaal” of genereerd een Audit File belastingdienst. Hiermee wordt de rittenregistratie beschikbaar gemaakt in een bestand dat de belastingdienst geautomatiseerd kan controleren.

In case of an audit of your trip registration by the tax authorities, please follow the steps as described in the letter "Private use of a business vehicle". You can download the saved trip log in a report via the Reports function in the MI platform. You download the report "trip registration tax" or generate an Audit File Tax Office. The trip registration is made available in a file that the tax authorities can automatically check.

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