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Moving Intelligence offers the most advanced services in the field of security, trip logging and fleet management. Discover more about us!

The world is in
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Moving Intelligence.

Moving Intelligence enables management of all things moving. With hardware that we install invisibly and with software that makes information visible so you can track, manage and monitor everything that moves worldwide.  

We are offering the most advanced services in the field of security, trip registration, fleet management and sustainable mobility. Every user has worldwide insight and control over his or her vehicle with our MiApp, regardless of the brand or type of object.  

With more than 20 years of experience our technology allows people to sleep more soundly and businesses to operate more efficiently. 

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Our history

Moving Intelligence B.V. was founded in 1999 and immediately set out to develop high-quality technological solutions for the recovery of vehicles following theft. 

In 2002 we proudly introduced our first product – the ‘Retreever’. A technological feat that was approved by the dutch TNO and certified by the Dutch Stichting Certificering Motorrijtuigbeveiliging (SCM) based on the TT03 legislation valid at the time. 

Changes to the Dutch tax system relating to the reporting of mileage for business vehicles created a need amongst our customers for a comprehensive trip logging system to use in combination with their Retreever vehicle tracking system. This would become an added service and the 'Tripmarker' was introduced in 2005.   

Over the past few years our range of services has been further developed and expanded with new products, like our tracer (Mi01). Each with their own specific features and based on the high requirements of Moving Intelligence.  

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The latest news

Electric Vehicle Fleet obligatory in 2030

It is hard to ignore, the environment including its climate goals, is more important than ever. Did you know your fleet, no matter how big or small, needs to be fully electric in 2030?

Verplichte registratie CO2 uitstoot

In de strijd tegen de opwarming van de aarde en klimaatverandering is het voor iedereen van belang rekening te houden met zijn of haar CO2 voetafdruk. Daarom heeft het Klimaatakkoord van Parijs, ondertekend door meer dan 200 landen, ambitieuze doelen gesteld voor het verminderen van de CO2-uitstoot. Om deze doelen te bereiken, introduceren overheden milieuregels en -voorschriften die bedrijven verplichten hun ecologische voetafdruk te verkleinen.

Another increase in car thefts

In the Netherlands, theft of vehicles such as cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles remains a major problem. Compared to 2021, in 2022 the number of thefts has increased again, with some remarkable car models have been rising in the list. Some car models even have an increase of 900%! Fortunately, a whole bunch of vehicles have also been found thanks to vehicle security systems equipped with tracer.

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