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There are five security classes for passenger cars in the Netherlands. For each class there are different requirements. We are happy to explain them to you.

What is a

The Kiwa SCM is highest form of certification in the field of vehicle security. All systems in this area are certified on behalf of the CCV, according to the corresponding certification: CCV Vehicle Security certification.

The certification is important for insurers, because it shows that a vehicle is equipped with approved and certified security and that the vehicle has a much lower chance of being stolen.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Which classes of vehicle security are there?

The CCV vehicle security certification has divided the vehicle security in the Netherlands into five classes. The security class required by the insurer can be found in the policy conditions. The five classes are:

  • Class 1 - Immobilizer
  • Class 3 - Car alarm with tilt angle detection
  • Class 4 - Vehicle tracking system with immobilizer
  • Class 5 – Vehicle Tracking System with Immobilizer and Class 3 interoperability
  • Class TV - Retrieval system
What different forms of car security are there?

Most new cars delivered in the Netherlands are equipped with a burglar alarm as standard. This is an acoustic alarm with a siren, which goes off, for example, if a car is unlocked without the remote control or if a window is smashed. The burglar alarm is also described as a Class 3 alarm or Alarm system with inclination detection. In case of an increased risk of theft of your car, it is necessary to expand the burglar alarm with a vehicle tracking system (class 4 or 5), a retrieval system (class TV) or even both. Your insurer can tell you what extra security is necessary.

What do insurers expect from certain types of car security?

The requirements that insurers set for the security of the vehicles or other items to be insured by them are laid down in their own conditions, but on the basis of the aforementioned security classes. These different classes have been compiled by the Dutch Association of Insurers in collaboration with the CCV, so they are generally in use. It can of course differ per insurer which form of protection they require. To find out which class of security your car must meet, it is best to consult your (future) insurer.

What are the costs of a vehicle tracking system?

It is difficult to give a definite answer to that. There are many possibilities and combinations to think of. Your dealer can best advise you on this.

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